Rover the cat

Entered our care: 17th January 2020

Left for his new home: 26th May 2020

Time in our care: 18 weeks (130 days)

Entry reason:

Collected from Manor Road, S66. Long term stray, both eyes infected. Been living in a car, it was a Rover!

Rover’s story

Rover was found with really sore eyes that he could barely open. He was transferred to our branch because we specialise in caring for and rehoming FIV positive cats. Initially he was treated for an eye infection. Once that began to clear the cause became obvious: he had a condition called entropion in both eyes. He required corrective surgery to stop the eye lashes curling inwards and scratching his eyeballs each time he blinked. He also had some rotten teeth that needed removing and he needed a scale and polish too!

Rover had his dental and the surgery on the eyelids worked well. However, the bottom eyelids required additional correction so he had to have a second lot of surgery, so we moved him into a foster home, so he didn’t have to spend any more time in a cattery pen.

If his life troubles weren’t bad enough his foster carer noticed him limping one day on his right hind leg. The vet examined him and felt a shotgun pellet in his leg! It didn’t warrant removal, but just gave us further insight into what an awful life he has lived.

Rover’s website profile

Rover’s foster carer has been kept entertained during lock down with him and shares all about him:

“Rover is like our shadow. He enjoys being with us around the flat and seeing what we’re up to. He’s very companionable, and along with following us around when we’re doing things inside, he will happily curl up purring and sleep next to you on the sofa or at your feet (and his snore sounds like a kazoo!).  He enjoys being petted and stroked (even the very occasional belly rub!), but will give you a warning nip you when he’s not in the mood or has had enough. He also enjoys playing, particularly with strings and ribbons and is excited and kitten like when he does.

Rover is a chatty and conversational boy, especially when food is involved. We’ve found that feeding him little and often is something he likes. He can be a creative and unfussy scavenger so we’ve had to be watchful and keep him out of the kitchen! He is an ever hopeful cat, sitting next to you as you eat, watching you longingly, but he hasn’t ever tried to take food from our plates, so at least he is well mannered with his begging!

With us being at home due to lockdown we have noticed he seems to get grumpier in afternoons and evenings when we’ve been doing things inside during the day, and we think he has FOMO (or FOMiaow?) because he enjoys being with us and seeing what we’re up to all the time, but this may not be best for him in terms of cat-napping time.  He definitely needs to have an afternoon nap, so if you are out at work this will be ideal, as he will have time to chill out.”

Rover is certainly a character. There is never a dull moment when he is around and when he was at the centre he was everyone’s favourite. He is best fed a diet of wet food only, no dry, and his tummy is happiest on Whiskas in jelly poultry flavours. We know Rover isn’t a looker with his eyelids shaved from surgery, but we love him and he is such good company. He is looking for a home as an only cat with adults only, where he will be kept indoors. He is FIV positive as a result of life on the streets and so he needs to be kept indoors, but he is quite content living in a sizable two bedroom flat. We estimate him to be around 5 years old and probably has used up a good half of his 9 lives.

Our volunteers remember Rover fondly

“What a champ!! A complete unit but an absolute dreamboat his purring vibrated his pen.”

“A big loveable bruiser, with a purr like a tractor engine! I absolutely loved how another volunteer described Rover… “like a nightclub bouncer who likes flower arranging”.”

“The most amazing boy! Such a bruiser but the biggest softy.”

“It was so wonderful to watch Rovers sore eyes healing and how he turned from a quiet boy to the world’s biggest charmer.”

Starting to look much better!

Where are they now?

A recent update from Rover’s adopter confirmed he continues to be affected by his hard life on the streets but has found the perfect humans to care for him. Our adopters really are superheroes!

 “Rover is doing ok, but unfortunately he had been bile sick 2 weeks ago so took him to the vet found he had a mass squishing between his stomach and intestine and we’re concerned he could have been tumors. Further analysis said at the moment is just a swollen lymph node, as the aspirations they managed to get didn’t show any signs of cancer, however some blood tests have highlighted he is positive for toxoplasmosis. On top of that he became constipated so had to go for a manual evacuation and have to carry on now with treatment to help him. As if he hadn’t gone through lots already!!

We are not sure how long this unlucky cheeky boy will be with us (hopefully for long) but in the meantime we are making sure he gets spoilt and super loved. He started definitely to be more comfortable around us as he sometimes comes for a nap on our laps and has some rare playing moments. I know he is a very unlucky boy but hopefully he will carry on a bit longer. We love having him around so will be sad if we had to lose him so early, so let’s hope for the best.”

Getting the best care in his forever home
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