In the last blog I hinted at some good news on the horizon, well, I can now reveal all!

This week 6, yes, 6 cats went to their new homes. This is quite a remarkable number given that we only have 11 cattery pens. It means we have a few spaces to fill, but alas there are symptoms of cat flu, again, brought in by Humphrey the Persian, who came into our care late last week. He must have been incubating the virus and now its coming out……groan. I really hope it isn’t too serious because otherwise we’ll be shut down for a few weeks and there are quite a few cats waiting to come in.

The good dog news is that our young collie x Matt, who had spent the best part of his life contained in an indoor kennel, went to his new home yesterday. The lad is a big, leggy gullah, but we love him, and we are keeping everything crossed he doesn’t prove too much of a handful.

Probably the best news of the week is bunny related. At teatime Friday I received the call I’d been waiting for… that 9 case bunnies had finally been signed over. There were originally 10, but George the giant died in my home, in my husbands arms, just 2 days after being rescued last November. The relief that the remaining 9 are now ours to rehome is just awesome, and 4 have already been reserved. I can’t tell you how wonderful this group of 9 are. Poppy and Pansy, pictured above, are 2 of the 9 and just such wonderful characters. I hope they, and the others, all find homes in no time.

But for me, the best news, was the miraculous recovery of Buzz bunny from major surgery on Friday. By rights he shouldn’t have made it through, but he did and he is now recovering really well and hugely happy back in his familiar environs. Although he must be sore from the op wound he was still doing happy head shakes and plodding about when he got back ‘home’. He has been eating for 3 and pooping for 4 so I think they’ll be no stoping him now!

So, the other picture posted is of our gorgeous boy Bailey. From how well trained he is it seems that his owner must have really cared for him, that is until he moved into a property where animals were not allowed inside so he kept him tethered up outdoors 24/7 with very little shelter, attention and stimulation. Bailey is only 4 years old but terribly unfit, so this week hei started him on hydrotherapy sessions.

Simon the hydrotherapist has 2 rottis of his own and could say with confidence that Bailey has quite significant muscle tone loss on his rear, clearly as a result of a lack of exercising. It’s so sad, and so avoidable, but at least we can help him with the swimming. Apparently, it wasn’t long before he took to it and was jumping n to fetch toys! How wonderful. Bailey will be going up for adoption this week, but I fear he will be overlooked for quite some time; larger, older dogsusually are – such a crime because big boy is adorable.

What is also wonderful is that Simon and Sue, who run the canine hydrotherapy pool, have decided to dedicate a whole weekend of swims to raise money for our animals. The weekend of the Royal wedding will see all proceeds from swims go to us! We were bowled over when they told us and so now we are doing all we can to get all our dog friends to book in for a fun swim in the luxury 6m x 3m hydrotherapy pool – just £15 for one dog or £20 if two go in together. Check our website for more info. If your pooch loves swimming and/or fetch games then why not give it a go and help raise hundreds of pounds for our dogs in the process.

Well, hard sell overnd looking forward to the week ahead we have preps for our Annual General Meeting (mailshot to over 250 people) to attend to and our quarterly newsletter to distribute as well as preps for our demo in Manchester city centre next Saturday. We are outside Lush on Market Street (opposite M&S) spreading the message that a ‘hutch is not enough’. If you fancy a giggle you’ll be able to see me sat in a ‘human hutch’ dressed as a rabbit for the day! Just a typical week in our work, hey!

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