I’m deeply worried. We have more black cats and kittens in our care than we ever have had before. It sounds strange to some people but black cats are truly the hardest to home and it means that we have kittens growing up in our care, rapidly, as they get overlooked in favour of prettier coloured kittens.

Mo and Farah on the podium

Mo and Farah are a classic case in point. They have the most endearing personalities yet people aren’t seeing beyond their colour. The second time I saw them in their foster them one of the boys was bouncing around, being incredibly entertaining, whilst the other one just climbed up onto my lap for attention, purred away and feel fast asleep. This level confidence and sociability with strangers is not commonplace and even more remarkable considering they were found dumped in a box.

We have many more black kittens, not old enough to be rehomed yet, who will most likely endure the same extended wait for new homes. I’m hopeful this bank holiday weekend will find people browsing the internet looking for new furry friends and will consider and a noir variety. In the meantime here are a selection of beautiful, black cats.

Bob was abandoned in a box

Earl is an older chap whose elderly owner passed away

Emma was forced to live outdoors by her owner as a tiny kitten
Gary is a highly entertaining chap. He was dumped outside a vets.

Gonzo was found on a dual carriageway. We suspect he was abandoned.

Pepper came in with his siblings and mum. His owner was over-run with animals and unable to look after herself.
Pepsi, mum of Pepper, has come such a long way. Initially frightened and shy she now loves rolling on her back whilst you tickle her tummy and has found her playful side!
Vic was abandoned in a box with Bob. He has a special ‘boggle eye’.
Are black cats lucky or unlucky? 
It seems that there’s a difference of opinion throughout history!
In ancient times, Druids believed black cats were humans, reincarnated as cats as a punishment for evil deeds they’d committed in a past life.
In the Middle Ages in Germany it was believed that if a black cat jumped on the bed of a sick person, then the person would die.
In Finland, they were believed to carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife.
In 18th and 19th century England, fishermen’s wives kept black cats because they believed this helped to keep their husbands safe at sea. If one ran in front of a sailor as he walked up a pier, this would bring him good luck.
However, if it crossed his path, it meant bad luck.
At this time, cats were carried on ships to keep rats and mice at bay. If a black cat was thrown, or accidentally fell overboard, this was believed to bring bad luck in the form of a terrible storm.
Interestingly, in England, Scotland and Australia today, a black cat crossing your path is supposed to be lucky…….
But if you live in Ireland, most of the rest of Europe, India or America it’s meant to be
bad luck!
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