Mondays and Tuesdays are always the worst days of the week to be in the office. It’s when we always receive a carzy number of calls from people wanting to rehome their animals or asking for us to pay for their animal’s vet treatment. I don’t think this week has been any worse than usual but I am really feeling it this week.

‘It’ being the breadth and depth of just how many animals are unwanted, passed from pillar to post or just treated like commodities and something to get rid of when they tire of them. It always astounds me that people have the attitude that it is someone else’s responsibility if they don’t want their animals any more.

And then the people who no doubt love their animals but have an expectation to receive treatment, neutering, vaccinations for free. I genuinely don’t know sometimes whether it is me being unreasonable or the world is not right.

So let’s put it all down to me just being fed up! So, to whisk me away from myself and my moaning let me tell you all about our new guy Bob.

Bob is a medium sized cross breed dog approximately 4 years old. Bob came into our care after he was abandoned by his owner. the Inspector who rescued him traced his owner and they agreed to sign him over into our care for rehoming.

Bob was understandably very stressed when he first came to us but he has slowly started to settle. He know loves his walks, he seems to be good with other dogs but is more interested in routing and sniffing in the bushes and being a typical male and cocking his leg at every opportunity!

Bob has only just started to play with toys. He is also quite an affectionate dog and enjoys a cuddle but he still does not trust enough yet to let himself bond with another human. But that is not surprising given what he has been through. We’ve no idea how long he was left alone but you can’t blame him for being wary.
I am sure in the next few weeks as Bob settles more we will start to see his true personality shining through, and am sure he will make a fantastic addition to any family.

We have really slowed down on dog rehomings but cats have picked up no end. I hope our lovelies will find homes soon. And I find sanctuary in a huge piece of cake!
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