From the moment Charlie came into our care I think I can easily say that everyone fell head over heels in love with him. Charlie has such a sweet natured and loving personality that just draws you to him and you can’t seem to get enough, no matter how long you spend with him or receive his heart-warming Charlie hugs.

Charlie 5 July 2020

Charlie came into our care on the 29th June 2020 after having a procedure called a pinnectomy on his right ear, due to having a large lesion and lump on his ear which was most likely a carcinoma.  A pinnectomy is the removal of the triangular shaped tissue which is made up of cartilage, skin and fur. Following his stay, Charlie has had several other major procedures for his ears and teeth.  Charlie was signed over to a National RSPCA inspector due to previous owners not providing him with the necessary treatment.

No matter what major surgery Charlie has undergone, he has always been so welcoming and lovable, I mean how could you not love that face. All you had to do was open his pen door and Charlie would be out straight away to greet you. Charlie used to love helping us clean out his pen, when I mean clean he would just like to observe to make sure you are doing everything right and up to his standard, and he would do this by sitting on your shoulders. Charlie is also renowned for his hugs, which he has been doing since the day he arrived. He would simply place his two front paws on your shoulder and wait to be picked up, or just nuzzle his head into your neck.  On some days you would find Charlie curled up on a volunteer’s lap asleep for what seemed like hours.

Charlie looking stunning!

As well as Charlie recovering from his ear surgery, he has also had to deal with a few dental and oral issues. The first one being a basic scale and polish where he had 1 tooth removed, but the vet said he already had quite a few teeth missing. This then progressed into an infection and where we also found that the gum around the tooth site was not healing well and bone was exposed. This needed a further surgery to correct.

Recovering from surgery

At the beginning we did not move Charlie into foster care as he was receiving copious amounts of love and attention from our amazing volunteers and staff. We also didn’t predict that he would have stayed in our care for as long as he did, due to necessary medical treatment.

Charlie was finally placed into foster care on the 15th October 2020 due to having major surgery on his right ear again, to open the ear canal to prevent further infections from occurring. Charlie settled into foster care tremendously well, already acting like the king of the house and is a right snuggle bug. This is what Charlies foster mum had to say after the first couple of days of Charlie settling in ‘’ He loves a cuddle and basically tries to sit on us all day, at bedtime he gets under the covers and snuggles too! He really enjoys us both working from home and wants attention 24/7, he even enjoys his belly being rubbed and has introduced himself to everybody on my zoom work calls’’

It has been an absolute delight to have not only been graced with the best Charlie hugs during his time with us here at the Manchester and Salford RSPCA, but it will be such a rewarding time for Charlie himself to be adopted and find his forever home where I’m sure he will be adored and spoilt.  We wish you all the best Charlie boy!

Below is a chronological order of Charlie’s Vet appointments and Surgery so any adopter is fully aware of the treatment he’s received whilst in our care:

25.06.2020 – Discharged from vets after pinnectomy, recheck in 2 weeks’ time

09.07.2020 – Pinnectomy healed but not much of an ear opening and requires dental. Future adopters will need to apply sun cream to Charlie’s ears every time he goes outside.

13.07.2020 – Dental Procedure and Microchip, had 1 tooth removed although quite a lot of teeth were already missing.

15.07.2020 – Had a dental check-up as there were signs of infection in the mouth. Given antibiotics and pain relief and to have a check-up in 5 days.

22.07.2020 – Dental check-up, found bone exposure in mouth, given antibiotics and convenia injection.

29.07.2020 – Jawbone was shaved around tooth extraction site as gum was receding rather than growing over cavity. Discharged 30.07.2020

24.08.2020 – Ear and Nose check-up. Vet suggested that the ear should be amputated. Biopsy was suggested for the nose.

04.09.2020- Ear tip amputation successful. Must wear a collar for 7 days. Marks on the nose was just dirt and cleaned off while Charlie was sedated. Re-check in 7 days.

11.09.2020 – Gum has healed nicely, ear amputation site still seems to be affecting Charlie, Given pain relief.

21.09.2020 – Charlie has been subdued and off his food at the weekend. Squelching coming from right ear where there is a narrow hole after surgery so no air can circulate. Admitted for sedation for examination. Ear cleaned, hair trimmed, and antibiotic plug inserted. Recheck in 7 days.

30.09.2020 – Vet advised the hole in Charlie’s ear was too small and that he needed surgery to widen it to prevent further infections from occurring.

14.10.2020- Procedure on right ear completed.

15.10.2020 – Discharged from vets and placed into foster care 15.10.2020, given antibiotics and pain relief.

22.10.2020 – Ear healing well, ears cleaned. Cone to be kept on.

04.11.2020 – Ear check-up. Ear is healing well but there is a lot of crusting around the ear and can cause itching and risk of bleeding. Advised to keep the cone on for another 2 weeks and to clean ears if Charlie will allow it.

12.01.2021 – Signed off as ready for adoption!

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