Well, maybe not after you dear supporters have spread the word. I’m hearing that at least one fantastic feline will have found a home this weekend as a result of my blog this week – so thank you all for your continued support.

So, yesterday was our Christmas Fair, and despite the newspaper apparently printing the wrong address for the venue we still had a steady trickle of people attend. And yes, I do mean a trickle – it was really quite quiet but I had a great time sat next to the home produce stall eating my way through all the chocolate themed cakes and texting my mate in the kitchen to furnish me with brews – that was funny cos she got proper cross with me after a while, ha! I hasten to add I paid for all my cakes, in fact, I spent nearly £50 at the fair on crimbo pressies and the like and so I only have 3 people to get for now – 2 of which are, of course, the hardest ones to please.

But the fair was so lovely because it was totally stress free and we all had a right good natter and a fuss with our dogs that the girls brought along for the public to meet. Ben, our oldie who we thought had found a home but didn’t, loved it so much. He was so happy being out of the kennels and was just a delightful giddy kipper. I had to show you the new picture we have of him – please spread the word, as he’s an oldie but goodie and has so much life left in him.

Anyway, back to the fair, I am delighted to tell you that we raised £845 and after taking off costs of stock, adverts, hall hire etc a whopping £600 will go directly to the animals, which is just brilliant. And so a huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who came along on the day – you are all bloomin marvellous.
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