Gilly became involved with the branch 13 years ago as a volunteer. There isn’t a single role she hasn’t turned her hand to! These days Gilly is one of our treasured animal care staff and takes pleasure in taking her work home with her.

How long have you been fostering and what species do you foster?

I’ve been fostering rabbits and piggies for around 20 years now. 

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt how important fostering is for that one on one care, helping animals with not only health issues but also behaviourally. Fostering has also opened my eyes to more of the health issues these precious herbivores can be affected by.

Tell us about your funniest experience fostering.

Susie (Branch Manager) asking me, before I’d even said anything, when was I going to ask my hubby if we could adopt Peggy! Still makes me chuckle to this day. Peggy is one of the most special animals I’ve had the pleasure of hopping through my door! She was never going to leave, Susie knew that, why fight it!

What has been your greatest heartbreak?

It’s never easy having to say goodbye to a foster animal when they have to be put to sleep. For me, it’s especially painful when they are babies or very young and we weren’t able to give them the life they deserve after coming into the world.

What is the best thing about fostering?

It is beyond rewarding! Seeing animal after animal moving onto their loving forever homes is ace! And meeting some awesome people in the process, all socially distanced these days of course!

How many foster fails have you got?

I currently have 3! Derek, Domino and the Pegster. (Note from Editor, it is about to be 4 with Declan the bunny!)

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