Priya joined our team as the pandemic struck. Little did we know then what a lifeline Priya had thrown us. Her first foster cat was involved in a dramatic water rescue, and she was thrown in at the deep end with her first charge! 

How long have you been fostering and what species do you foster?

I’ve been fostering since the first lockdown! So It’s nearly my 1 year anniversary of fostering cats with the RSPCA.
What have you learnt?

Patience! Cats are the sassiest, yet very loving animals. With a lot of my foster cats, it’s been a waiting game for them to trust me, but soon as they’re comfortable you truly see their characters come out.

Tell us about your funniest experience fostering.

Every single cat has their moments.However my current foster cat Lucy, lays in my plant pot (full of compost) and has her afternoon nap in it. She’s our Lucy flower. 

What has been your greatest heartbreak?

Every time a foster cat has found a new home it’s sad, but when we get an update of them doing well, it makes it all worth it! Of the many cats I’ve fostered, Sprocket was the one that broke my heart. He had a lot of health issues and it was awful when he wasn’t getting better. Unfortunately the end wasn’t something any of us wanted, but I was very very happy to have provided him a loving home before he passed. It makes the work that foster carers and the RSPCA team do so very important. 
What is the best thing about fostering?

All the cats! ahaha! I have some beautiful and amazing moments with all my foster cats, I am very very happy I am able to do this for the animals. 

How many foster fails have you had?

I have so far resisted…..

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