Despite, possibly, the worst weather in the 4 year history of our Summer Fair and Fun Dog Show, the show went on yesterday thanks to the amazing attitude and commitment of our incredible volunteers and staff and to the passion and love of our supporters.

Yesterday’s weather was tantamount to bloody awful but what kept me going all day long was the incredible spirit exhibited by everyone, even at 9.30am in the morning in torrential rain setting up marquees!

At one point it was looking like we wouldn’t break even on costs, but as brief (10 min) spells of sunshine falsely lured people out of their houses it meant that we actually managed to turn a profit! Not the £2k we usually manage but a good £500-600, so all was definitely not lost. And, we have finally dried out!

I love British Summer’s, but I love our volunteers, staff and supporters even more! Thank you all so much for making it a day to remember, rather than a titantic disaster, ha!

The pictures above have been taken by Mercedes Jacques and Hannah Brookfield.

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