This week’s ‘Happy Tails Tuesday’ features RSPCA rescue dog Benny owned by Sarah-Jane Davis….


Benny was rescued last Spring after being badly neglected, weighing only 9kg (he now weighs over 19kg). I first saw him in a video on the RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch Facebook page, during a hydrotherapy session and I saw a somewhat scrawny, rag-bag of a dog who, despite everything he must have been through, seemed to have a very special kind of spirit. It only took a gentle persuasion campaign before my husband would agree to come and meet him. He then came to stay with us in September under a fostering agreement and we just knew he was going to stay forever. We adopted him before the end of October and have never looked back. He and I started running together that month, just short distances to begin with, but now he can happily run with me for well over 20 miles and he clearly thrives being out and about in the countryside (especially when he can combine a good run with an impromptu swim in the nearest river or lake!).

Benny loved being part of a family, right from the off, but he found being left when we went out, even for very short periods, very stressful. It was hard work to help him overcome his separation distress, but we think we can thank our other dog, Flash the Greyhound, for teaching Benny the fine art of being laid back, (also known as ‘How to Chill on the Sofa’). Sadly, Flash passed away last month, and initially Benny did find being home alone without her, difficult, but he seems to have become accustomed to it now (and certainly enjoys having more of the sofa to himself).

We are so glad that we have Benny as part of our family – he’s a character and a half; he is affectionately known as the Little Bear, not just because he’s brown and fuzzy, but also because he largely communicates through a whole vocabulary of grunts and snuffles, something I’ve never experienced before, but it is so very endearing!

Many thanks,

Sarah and Giles

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