This week’s ‘Happy Tails Tuesday’ features RSPCA rescue rabbits Daisy & Tucker owned by Lisa Holland….

This is Daisy (Lop) and Tucker (Little Brown bun). Daisy has now been with us for 4 years. She was rescued from a case where the owner had approximately 200 animals in the house. When we first got her with her original mate Maisy, she was a really frisky and shy bunny. We love Daisy to bits, I love that she is more confident now, but still gets a real grump on at times! She is much easier to handle thank goodness and loves nothing more than relaxing in the sun or in her bedroom 🙂

She is a very spoilt bunny! She has lost two partners now much to our and her upset! Both beautiful rescue bunnies are from the RSPCA. Luckily she has recently been bonded successfully with Tucker from the Manchester & Salford Branch. Tucker is from a very large neglect case and had been in the branch’s care for over a year.

The photo on the grass is of them on their second bonding time together. They now live happily. Tucker has finally worked out how to climb stairs (it’s taken 3 months!) and they both love their hay and tunnels / hiding places in particular. I love having recuse rabbits, mainly just to watch them frolicking, playing and binkying together and knowing that they have had a second chance of happiness.

Lisa x

Next week Benny the dog’s story……

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