This week’s ‘Happy Tails Tuesday’ features RSPCA rescue cat Ponyo owned by staff member Deborah Beats…

Ponyo (left) & brother Danzig

We adopted Ponyo in February after fostering her for a few weeks, or should I say, she adopted us. She was found stray with 3 still born kittens; she was only 8 months old and tiny. As soon as she came in to our house and pushed our big ginger boy Danzig aside to eat his food we knew she was a keeper.

Although we have only had her a few months I can’t imagine life without her, she walks around the house tweeting and chirping at us all day long. She and Danzig spend hours chasing each other around and keeping each other company, she gives him a good wash at night but he rarely returns the favour! Since adopting Ponyo our little family is complete, she is definitely a Daddy’s girl, following him about the house and meowing at him if there’s something or someone taking her place on his knee.

She has grown a lot since coming to us and has grown long hairs on the bottom on her paws which we affectionately call her foot beards. We love Ponyo so much; it really brightens our day when we walk through the door after a long day at work to be greeted by her chatting away.

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