Admittedly this post is a few days late but technology at home let me down at the weekend, so please forgive!

Easter week proved to be eggtastic (yes, the pun was necessary!). We had the most phenomenal occurrence……a total of 8 cats out of 12 in the cattery were either reserved or went to new homes! I can honestly tell you this has never happened before and is simply astonishing.

Easter week also saw our funny little imp Ruben, the dog, finally go to a forever home. He had taken a while to be rehomed because we had to make gradual introductions to his new mum, and of course find the right new home for him. But after tragically loosing his original owner at just 12 months of age he very luckily landed on his paws, twice – finding fantastic foster parents and finding a fantastic forever mum.

Our bunnies didn’t miss out on the Easter action either – thanks to their ‘fairy bunny mother’ and another lovely lady we received enough enrichment treats for them all to have one each. When you consider we have some 30 rabbits that is pretty awesome! Thank you both so much, it was an absolute pleasure to hand them all out and watch them get so excited – Treacle positively pounced, the swine!

On Easter Saturday we held our second annual Treasure Hunt round Chorlton Park. I naively thought we’d have a great turn out what with the weather being so glorious, but it had quite the opposite effect. We even hoicked along our ‘Hutch is Not Enough’ demo, thinking we’d have a big audience, but no. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed sitting out and sunning ourselves, oh, and raising double the amount we did last year with a fantastic £200! – a superb result thanks to all the volunteers and supporters. (Check out the picture above.)

But undoubtedly the highlight of the week was going to visit our boy Spike in his new home. Spike, bless him, looked like he was going to be with us a while, largely because he is an 8 year old greying staffie cross, who, whilst having the most wonderful disposition, didn’t take the best photo. But as it turned out a chance enquiry to the office about dog adoption and a gushing ‘review’ of him meant that we rehomed him before we even put him up for adoption.

Spike was so happily settled after just 10 days that you’d have thought he had lived there all his life. His new owners had nothing but positive things to share. He already had a favourite room in the house, knew where his toys are kept, knew where the treat box is kept and gets upset on a morning when his bed is hung out out to air and is being spoilt rotten – he’d had a roast dinner that day – lucky boy!

But above all, he really loves his new owners. This is how strong his attachment is already – his mum walks with a stick, and when she takes him out he walks slowly and gently on the lead by her side, he genuinely seems to know he needs to do this for her, whilst with his dad he strides strongly and confidently along. In fact, even on their first meeting, when they all went out for a walk, Spike stopped to give her a chance to catch up. I think some things are meant to be and this is definitely one of them. Just the stuff of magic and it was just the best thing to see him in his new home so utterly happy.

So, this week has seen us cramming a week of work into 3 days. We have had quite a lot to fit in, as usual, including quite a few new admissions to sort out, but thanks to the help of our volunteers, Mel and I are coping, in our own way, which essentially means we look dazed and confused most of the time!

But without doubt we are missing our Catherine. It is our second full week without her and each have seemed so long. Mel and I have had to face up to, and get on with, doing things we don’t like – mine is spending endless hours driving around doing collections/vet trips etc whilst Mel’s (by her own admission) is having to be extra organised. She’s doing good too, but I think we would both much rather be doing what we do best.

So, we are looking forward to another, most welcome, bank holiday weekend and to the Doggy Fun Swim Fundraiser. We are all really excited because it is booked out!!!! I’m so looking forward to seeing so many doggy friends enjoying the experience – pictures will most definitely be forthcoming. And I can’t thank everyone enough getting involved and supporting this genius idea of Sue and Simon at SooZoo.

Superb. Can’t wait!

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