It has been quite a rollercoaster ride this last week with ill cats and kittens and our vet bill for December has proven to be the most expensive one of the year. I daren’t tell you how bad it is but it is well over our maximum budget of £3000. It is desperately difficult to know what to do and I think the logical option will be a reduction in animal admissions but that is so much easier said than done, isn’t it.

Over the Xmas period we sadly had to put to sleep one of the three boy kittens that was abandoned in a cardboard box. Little Brett had battled valiantly, and against the odds, but he went downhill for the second time and there was little more we could do for him other than to end his terrible demise.

The chances of any of the kittens surviving, having been taken away from their mother at barely 3 weeks of age and dumped on a random drive way in freezing temperatures, really were slim. But on a happy note, the other two, Murray and Jermaine, are doing brilliantly and are enjoying Cimicat and kitten food now and have ‘shot up’! I hope you enjoy the piccies their foster mum Camen is very proud to share.

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