I received this photo in my inbox this morning and just had to share….

On the right is little Oscar, he was found last week on a rubbish dump in North Mcr, riddled in fleas and full of feistiness. He is now a sweetie pie and loving the company of his fellow foster kitten Ellie, who has been reserved today!

Sadly, the little kitten we saved from dying last week went desperately downhill yesterday and we were unable to do any more for her. Little Lily had been found on a scrapyard the same day Oscar was found and rescued, but little Lily just wasn’t for this world and we had to amke the very sad decision to put her to sleep.

Her foster mum (who also has Ellie and Oscar) was heartbroken, but like she said to me – at least she had a week in her love and care rather than dying a cold and miserable death in a scrapyard.

We lost another cat yesterday too. Essy was abandoned on a small park in Salford with a brief note attached; there was evidently another cat left with her but she had escaped before they were found. We took Essy to the vets to find she was a desperately ill, old lady. So we can’t help but think that maybe this was why she was dumped; the owners couldn’t afford the vet bills. We really had no choice but to put her to sleep to end her suffering she was in such a state but I suppose at least least was found. I can’t help but think about what state her mate Tabitha is in.

In total we’ve lost 3 cats this week and we really don’t want to loose any more, please.

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