Feeling rather desperate this week as we’ve had no cats reserved for over a week now and we are in crisis. We have so many and nowhere for them to go and have had to close to admissions and cannot accept any from the inspectors or clinic. Things are really dire and miserable is not the word for it.

It is so telling that we are coming up to Christmas, the phone has only rung once today and that’s only cos I rang it from my moby to check the line was working. I feel really low, but probably not quite as cheesed off as our homeless kitties so I thought I’d show you some of our newbies…

They all have one thing in common – they’ve all been abandoned by their owners; either turfed out on to the street or left behind in property they’ve moved out of. Not featured here is a group of 5 we’ve had to take in, they are all quite unwell and struggling to get better.

This is such a sad indictment of our times.
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