Clare with a very special kitty with a thumb, Theodore. More common than you would think….!

I started my animal care assistant journey on the 14th October 2019, and I have loved every minute of being an animal carer. I started a part time role but was then offered a full-time role working at the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch. Since starting at the centre, I have been taught many roles such as the correct procedure for cleaning rabbit and cat pens, rabbit and cat health checks, completing adoption paperwork, observation forms, animal write ups and many other roles. I am looking forward to learning other new skills.

Noir piggies in the small animals room

I get excited when we receive new animal admissions into the centre, that feeling never changes. I love knowing that the animal is now going to be well cared for and receive the best treatment, as well as unconditional love that everyone at the centre provides. The best feeling is seeing the personality and health of the animal develop, and then be adopted by a great family. Even though the hard part is saying goodbye.

It’s the small things that I enjoy doing such as providing the animals with new enrichment e.g. making willow rings for the rabbits to munch on, or handing out willow balls or just simply filling tubes with timothy hay; and for the cats giving them a new cardboard scratching pad. Knowing that the animals are happy, and content makes me happy.

Throughout the year we have rehomed plenty of animals but there are some that I will remember forever. Firstly, Theodore the polydactyly cat who was so full of energy he could play for hours. Next up, Charlie, this little lad stole my heart the moment he came into the centre. Charlie has been through so much in the time he has been with us, but never complains and rewards us with hugs and kisses whenever you enter his pen, as well helping you clean out his pen by sitting on your shoulders. A few of my other favourites have been Julian, Grace, Fred, Pickles, Linus, Norris, Wotsit. The list goes on!

I have had many opportunities to expand and develop my knowledge by attending courses and online conferences such as; Cats in RSPCA care, APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) virtual cat conference and the RSPCA basics of cat flu and Feline urinary tract disease. These have added to a fantastic ongoing learning experience!

I started my foster journey this year by fostering two kittens called Chinta and Jamie. Fostering kittens during this pandemic is such an endorphin booster. Even though I have six cats myself, coming home to two crazy playful kittens every night, really does make everything better. Chinta is now happily settled in her forever home and enjoys cuddling up to her new brother. With all the animals that get adopted from our centre, I love receiving updates from adopters sending in photos, updating us on how the animals have settled into home life. 

The staff at the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch are an amazing team, and I am proud to be a part of it. I have developed special friendships throughout my time here and I can’t wait to make some more brilliant memories. 

Clare x

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