In my blog yesterday I mentioned the 3 kittens we took in that were so young that they still had their umbilical cords attached. Well, today they have been with us exactly one week and by some utter miracle they are thriving (actually, I think foster mum Julia is entirely to blame for keeping such a close vigil). I have great pleasure in introducing Eric, Ernie and Jessica and this is what Julia says,

“The Babies are thriving. I’ve attached some photos and as you can see Ginger, (who I think is a little boy and is known as Eric) has started to open his eyes. When he arrived last Monday he weighed 140g today he weighs in at 183g. The larger black one who I think is also a boy and is known as Ernie weighed 137g last week and is now 195g and last but not least we have a little girl known as Jessica – after the lady that found them – last week she weighed 117g and now weighs a wopping 194g ( I might have got her weight wrong last time because that seems like an awfully big weight gain). All the cords are off now and as you can see from the photos they are really cute.”
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