Today Catherine and I had so much fun giving all the cats their Christmas turkey. Oliver and Albert were so comical – Oliver was just so desperately excited it was so funny to watch as he couldn’t decide which bowl to scoff from! Merlin (our rather obese moggy) thought he had won the lottery! He has been on a strict diet but we broke it for him to enjoy a treat. Everyone else seemed chuffed too, including Buzz with his peculiar meow.

We left turkey for all the dogs to enjoy at tea time, including our newbies Sid and Elmo – both of their former owners left them behind when they were sentenced to prison this week.

And this morning all the bunnies got treats thanks to one of our wonderful supporters sending is a Xmas parcel for them – how fab is that!

We would also like to say a tremendous thank you to all the wonderful people out there who have offered support and help for Morag. And, I’ve learnt that she is a Sheltie – thank you everyon; I really do still have a long way to go with learning my dog breeds.

I am delighted to tell you that I met a really smashing lady this week who lives not too far from us and is going to offer her love and care to Morag after the Christmas festivities. We have had Morag at the vets today and she is doing ok but will be an awful lot better once she is in a foster home. So, a huge thank you to Sue for opening her home to our Morag and of course we will keep you posted on her progress.

In the meantime I leave with news of our last admission – a little kitten boy, just 10 weeks old, witnessed being ‘kicked’ out the front of someone’s home and into the snow. Thankfully the observer rescued him and called up the RSPCA helpline. The wee fella is currently snuggled up in the arms of his foster dad; clearly relieved and very content.

So, please, let’s hope for a peaceful Christmas for animals everywhere and that they don’t get neglected because of the cold or Christmas festivities.

Thank you all for being such great friends of them and us. Very Merry Christmas,
RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch

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