Help our micro-moggies!

Well what a Summer we’ve had so far! The team have been as busy as always but with the added pressures of COVID-19 it’s certainly been ‘interesting’ to say the least!

We’ll be keeping it light in this week’s blog and filling your screens with the most adorable kitten-cuteness! However, on the flip side it is a sad state of affairs that year on year we are still dealing with so many unwanted litters. Neutering wasn’t deemed emergency treatment so largely went on hold for most of the general public for a time due to the pandemic which may be why we’ve had a bit of a boom.

We are at peak numbers with 40+ little ones in our care at the moment! However, hopefully now neutering has resumed people will be able to get their felines snipped ASAP – we don’t need any more kittens that’s for sure!

Of these 40+ currently at the time of writing we have 13 kittens being hand reared. Anyone who has ever taken on this task will know what a challenge it is and the dedication our staff, volunteers and foster carers have shown is truly humbling. They are still very small and very vulnerable but we hope they will thrive.

Let’s introduce you to some of our current hand rear residents before letting you know how you can help…

Meet Mardi Gras! This little boy is a sensitive soul. He’s currently being hand reared and cries for his sister when she’s having her turn. He doesn’t like to be left!
Feeding time for another member of the gang!
This is runt of the litter Betsy Boo. She is part of a litter of 6 and is super confident and purrs as soon as she’s picked up. What an utter sweetie!
More hand rears in our care. Emmylou and Loretto’s mum’s milk dried up last weekend so they need have round the clock feeding too!
Miso & Sushi (best names ever?) were abandoned in a shoe box last week and are now another pair being hand reared by our amazing volunteers.
Miso & Sushi in action!

Our supporters overwhelmed us with their generosity for our ‘mini-moggies’ last week but can you help our ‘micro-moggies’ this week?

We are in need of the following:

  • Royal Canin baby cat milk
  • SnuggleSafe microwavable heat pads
  • Hill’s prescription diet I/d for digestive health
  • Vetfleece

We’ve added these items to our Amazon wishlist here

If you’d prefer to do your own shopping we can facilitate a socially distanced delivery to our centre in Salford. Just email the team with some dates/times you can drop off and they will get back to you!

If you are looking to adopt a kitten we update our Facebook and website daily when animals are ready for adoption. Although we have many kittens in our care most aren’t ready for adoption yet because they are too young or unwell. Keep your eyes peeled or maybe try searching other RSPCA branches. Kittens are often snapped up, maybe think about adopting a slightly older cat if they would be a good match for your home.

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