Not today! It’s actually been quite a positive start to the week and I’m so chuffed to tell you that our gorgeous 1 year old kittens Gizmo and Marble have a reserve on them as do mum and daughter dogs Kia and Lucy – to go together – how fantastic is that, just so rare we find homes for a two dogs at once.

I am, however, still struggling to find takers for our Cat Clinic on Saturday, tis a bit surprising. You’d think people would jump at the chance of vaccinations, microchipping and vet check for £5 – but it would seem not! Money obviously very scarce at the moment. But if you know any cat owners on a low income let us know and we will book them in for the clinic in Longsight.

And we have lots of new kitty cats too – take a look at and you’ll find all our beautiful newbies. We have a new admission this week called Hatty. She was dumped in a box in the reception of the RSPCA animal hospital last week. We were her last chance today as nowhere else could take her and we’d said ‘no’ last week, but today we were lucky to have a space and save her from being put to sleep. She’s a bonnie girl, all black with a little white bib and only young. Such a relief we could help this time.

And I have had the pleasure of sharing my office with Will today. A rather handsome cat who has clearly been stray for a while cos he’s quite thin. But he is so loving and affectionate and really content to be indoors! Though having said that, I can’t leave my window open as he does have a bit of a taste for fresh air. He’s lovely and has the most amazing coloured eyes, very pale yellow. He’s quite stately in his posture, a bit of a ‘lord of the manor’ sat up on the window sill looking out – he’ll hopefully find a home soon. Bless him.

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