This is little Morag. I don’t know what the correct name for her breed is but she is a dinky little collie so I’m guessing it is something like ‘mini collie’.

Morag came into our care last Tuesday.It is with eternal credit to her owner that he contacted the RSPCA to essentially report himself for failing to meet her needs. The gentleman had fallen ill and was unable to care for her and acknowledged that she was in a poor way and needed our help.

Morag’s pictures probably speak for themselves. She is very underweight, she is balding on her rear through lack of care rather than any skin/flea allergy, and her claws were desperately overgrown – suggesting she had not been walked in a very long while.

Morag desperately needs your help. She is seriously struggling to cope with the austerity of the kennels and is spending most of her days in her bed shivering. She needs to have maleseb shampoo baths once a week to help her skin/fur but in these temperatures it would simply be unkind for us to do this.

Yesterday was the first day we could coax her out of her bed and it was wonderful to see her enjoying the enclosed paddock and lots of toys and treats and snow! She is clearly very confused about what is happening to her but is a very friendly little girl too.

As yet we cannot assess what type of home would be suitable for her so for now we are looking for a foster home to help her get back on her paws without children and in the Greater Manchester area.

Please get in touch if you can help; you can email:
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