June has been another whirlwind month that has seen the team work exceptionally hard in the absence of colleagues. We’ve had 6 weeks back to back of reduced staffing due to staff taking accrued annual leave, shielding or being furloughed. It has been damn hard work for everyone but we have achieved remarkable ‘results’.

The month has been typified by a succession of wonky, broken and pedigree animals coming into our care! Our usual breed ‘type’ is moggy/crossbreed/domestic shorthair, so when anything out of the ordinary comes in it sends ripples of equal amazement and excitement! I suppose the perceived wisdom would be if you can afford to purchase an expensive pedigree pet then you are more likely to be committed to their care? I don’t know, I am just speculating, but we have had one after another pedigree cats come in.

Currently we have:

  • A neglected Persian with rotten teeth, exposed tooth roots, untreated ear infection, corneal ulcer, shocking matting and poor body condition.
  • A British Short Hair with skin allergies and dietary issues.
  • A stray Ragdoll (I know, it’s unbelievable). He has dietary issues.
  • And we have a Bengal coming in.
Ragdoll feetz! Another cat with diet issues that we have to work on.

As for the broken and wonky we have:

  • A gorgeous cat that has had his tail amputated due to a degloving injury.
  • A sweet boy called Danno with a nasty fracture to his leg.
  • A very worried lady who was found stray with an eye injury and it has had to be removed.
  • A kitten with what looks like chemical burns on their back.
  • A kitten that was likely attacked by a dog and was found with a terrible broken and infected leg.
  • A cat that was left with an ulcerated, cancerous oozing ear that has since been removed but may have been left too late for the cancer not to have spread further.

And then we have the eternal bafflement of ‘lost and founds’:

  • A cat left in a basket on a member of the public’s doorstep.
  • A kitten trapped between two walls was rescued.
  • A ‘stray’ bunny made their way to us from North Yorkshire.
Dennis the kitten in his foster home 🙂
Theodosia the stray bunny from Yorkshire

These animals represent why we all take such pride in our work. We are all compelled to do everything we can to help them have a happy outcome. An inspector asked me today how I feel when they call us and ask us to take in animals. She said, “Do you think ‘oh no, not another one’?”.I told her that even after 12 years of doing my job I still get excited to meet new admissions. She seemed surprised by this, but really relieved. I mean, why wouldn’t you feel a sense of thrill to be helping another animal in need, knowing that you and your team will do your very best by them? Even better is that it will always be that way thanks to our supporters believing in the work that we do.

We have to take a moment to thank 7 year old George, who walked 150km in 30 days and raised £1,800 for our branch. He exceeded his original fundraising target by 1,202%! We all took great pleasure in cheering him over the finish line: what a remarkable young man, and what a difference his hard work will make to the animals we are caring for. There’s still time to sponsor George, who knows, maybe you could help him reach £2K for our animals?

George’s marvellous mission!

We also want to say a massive thank you to the dedicated staff at Salford Pets at Home. They have spent the month of June tirelessly raising money for Support Adoption for Pets Summer Fundraiser. They have held a raffle, asked customers to donate money to buy dinners for animals and jointly we have held in-store events all to raise money for the animals in our care. We are hugely grateful to them all for making us feel part of their family and always offering us an ear to bend and a shoulder to lean on. I think, even more than before, we feel united in our commitment to animal welfare – they are an amazing team of people and their contribution has helped us to achieve another bumper month of activity, kept our cattery stocked with litter and the animals enriched with toys and their tummies filled with food.

If you’d like to help our animals we are currently appealing for cardboard cat scratchers. They are on offer for £3.99 in Aldi at the moment!

Donations can be left at our Northern Quarter charity shop (Tues-Sat 11-5) or at our Salford animal centre (please email us to arrange a drop off time rspcamcr_salford@btconnect.com)

In June we admitted 54 furries: 28 cats, 19 rabbits, 3 rats and 2 guinea pigs. Whilst 59 lucky animals found forever homes: 33 cats/kittens, 22 rabbits, 3 rats and 1 mouse.

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