I’m still trying desperately to get ‘back to normal’ but I’ve just been away for two days at the RSPCAs Animal Centre Managers Conference. It was really worthwhile and I’ve come away with loads of ideas and raring to go with them too!

I also delivered a presentation, which admittedly was nerve wracking cos there was double the number of people I had expected and so it was quite overwhelming. Anyway, I seemed to manage to fudge my way through the perils of using non ‘quick-release safety buckle’ cat collars and gross everyone out with really gruesome pictures of nasty injuries. I was the first speaker (after about 5) that got asked questions at the end so I’m thinking I must have been thought provoking.

So, back to it today and the dawning of realisation that I have to put together a Christmas Fayre in less than a week and I am yet again feeling overwhelmed. I’m all sorted with plans and volunteers – I just need raffle prizes, cake donations and help with labelling a million teddies for a teddy tombola no less! Oh magic.

I’ve also come up with some gift ideas that I now need to sort out, including – buy a microchip for a furry friend for just £7.50 or a Christmas Day Care Gift for a cat, dog or rabbit for just £5.00.
I’ll get there, I suppose, just need cloning, again!

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