Anyone that works with rescue dogs will know how kennels are a necessary evil sometimes. We rescue dogs from terrible situations and whilst we assess them ready for a new home they have to stay in our kennels. We make them as comfy as possible with cosy beds, enrichment toys to keep them occupied and in our case, we even put classical music on the radio and hang up dried herbs to create some interesting smells! However, whenever it’s possible it’s great to be able to take a rescue dog for a day out. Today Shep had a day out in Ramsbottom – here are some pictures from his adventures! Shep is currently up for adoption and what a little cracker he is.

We arrive in Ramsbottom and discover a car boot where we were supposed to be parking. Oh well, Shep loves a good bargain and meeting new people so we have a good wander!

Sniffing out a bargain

Then we head up towards the Peel Tower (monument to Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the Police Force). It turns out there are folks abseiling down the Tower for charity so Shep gets to meet lots of people and their dogs. He loves other dogs but can’t decide who to go and fuss first!

Peel Tower (see abseilers at the top!)
Shep posing with an eye on the cake stall

After stopping off for a cake & drink at the fortuitous charity stall we head over Holcombe Moor. Shep loves the open space and trots along, always stopping and returning to my side to check everything is okay.
Looking back at the Tower
View of Holcombe Moor
‘Just checking your still here!’    

We stop for a quick energy boost. Although we’ve brought along special doggy treats for Shep he snubs them instantly! However, when we get our own food out suddenly he’s interested again!

Turns out that Shep isn’t a fan of dog treats….
…Kettle chips on the other hand!

After a bite to eat we head to Pilgrim’s Cross. This is a pilgrim marker on the route from Manchester to Whalley Abbey that has existed since 1166! Quick photo shot opportunity!

We then head off the Moor down to Buckden Wood. Shep doesn’t like water and avoids every puddle he possibly can! 
Heading off the moors
Buckden Wood

 After exploring the woods and avoiding the stream we cross over the River Irwell. Shep meets a whole gang of Spaniels and is surrounded! He takes it all in his stride, says hello and then gives us a little nudge to say ‘I’m bored now, let’s get going!’.

Crossing the Irwell

We are nearing the end of our day out now. After all that walking we head back to Ramsbottom; it turns out there’s a Festival going on in town so it’s all very noisy and busy; there’s children, motorbikes, cars and trains. Shep comes into his own and enjoys strutting through the high street and saying hello to everyone. We have a rest on a bench and do some serious people watching….

Clearly stressed by all the people about… or not!
Warning to potential adopter of Shep: he thinks he’s lap sized!

Sadly, we need to get back to the kennels before they close so off we go back to the car. Shep instantly hops in the car and lies down. I sit in the back with him and he dozes off whilst keeping one eye on the cars passing by. Belly rubs all the way back to Manchester.

If you are looking for a new dog and would like to know more about our Shep click here. Shep is very calm around other dogs (and needs a home with one) and has lived with cats. He really is a wonderful ‘all rounder’ and wants someone to adopt him and take him on adventures every day.

By Hannah (Trustee of RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch)

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