Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!

Last night was our Madhatter’s Tea Party and we had the most brilliant time. We had a full house and raised £500 on the night and at the end of the variety acts we all danced the night away with our friend Kamey’s covers band (Metro Squad) and they were awesome. In fact, all the acts were awesome and I am so grateful to each and everyone of them for donating their services for free and helping us to have such a successful night. I’m still on a high from it all!

We also have an end to the dreaded cat flu and we already have mucho plenty cats lined up to fill the spaces. As soon as word got out that we were ‘open for business’ again the inspectors and RSPCA clinic had filled the pens. It really is so bad again for cat abandonments. And what is even stranger is the number of kittens we are taking in still – having been found abandoned/stray etc. Even our vet Matt was saying he is seeing queens in season still. I have no idea what is going on but I have never known anything like it. Usually, from November through to March/April time there simply are no kittens but this week we have been inundated.

The other good news is that we have found a home for Bella and Jacob thanks to the blog and one of our wonderful home visitors, and last night, after 4 months of being in our care, they went to their new home – woo hoo! Just the best thing ever.

Other good rehoming news – our pup that was abandoned with a broken leg was finally given the all clear to be rehomed and went on his merry way to a very special new home. Rufus the kitten, abandoned in a cardboard box was rehomed yesterday too and we have a reserve on a very special dog called Thomas. He was never actually listed for adoption because he got snapped up before we got that far. Thomas came into our care because his owner passed away after battling cancer – he is for sure my most favourite dog. Phoebe the cat is going today and soon we hope Zena will too because she is also reserved.

This week we began the enormous task of sorting out our signed over case bunnies ready for adoption. We photographed them all on Friday – thanks Hannah! – and next week begins the major task of relaying them to the vets for neuters, vaccinations, health checks and it is surely going to take much of next week to do. Above is pictured mum Alexis and her babies Violet, Cybil and Pablo. I am quite worried about Pablo cos he seems to have stunted growth and a facial deformity but I feel hopeful for him nonetheless. The majority are rex bunnies and then a couple of lionheads and they are all just absolutely stunning.

Of course, we have had some low points too this week, as you already now, but then we got the devastating blow that 7 of our 27 case bunnies were ones that the owner has chosen not to sign over. This means that we will have them in our care indefinitely whilst the case proceeds and goes to court. They also happen to be some of our favourites too and one of the poor bunnies is needing dentals every 4 weeks. This means this poor little love is going to have to endure ongoing dental problems and repeated risks of anaesthetic whilst the case proceeds, which is just so unfair.

We also had 10 new bunnies arrive on Thursday from a new case. Thankfully 7 seem in good condition, although it is obvious from the staining on their fur that they’ve been kept in filthy conditions, but sadly 3 are in a bad way. I have one at my house and it is quite tough to see him like this. His future really is not hopeful, at all.

And then the little stray old lady bun we took in last week seems to be really suffering with her tooth roots despite lots of pain relief. She is at my house too. Whilst she is walking better and seeming more perky she just isn’t right. I’m off to the vets with her Monday to discuss her prognosis but I’m not hopeful. I feel very much in conflict about her. My heart and head are really battling with each other. I think we are unlikely to be able to help her overcome allher problems and…….well, you get the picture. I really hate having to make decisions about life and death but I know it’s coming along again and dreading it again. So for now, I am going to enjoy the week with my little old lady bun and put next week to the back of my mind.

In the meantime I’m going to pray for a small miracle in the shape of lots of new homes for our rescue bunnies.

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